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Pretty Good!

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i just finished this yesterday and let me say first off that it was such an easy read. i read the entire thing in three days, so nothing short of a page turner. i did have some gripes with the characters and story itself but first i want to start with the things i liked:
the plot was extremely interesting and kept me wanting more. this was such a good idea in terms of a somewhat young adult mystery/thriller. i really loved how the narrations switched from Autumn and Ivy the book obviously wouldn't have worked without that. all in all the story itself was very entertaining and had a good message behind it. so now for things i didn't really like:
i did sympathize with the character of Autumn and i understood why she was so mad about life but... she was SO unlikable. just a straight up negative energy throughout almost the entire book. also it's said that she's always on edge and extremely careful, yet she's gonna meet up with a stranger a lone in a desolate area and follow him... a lone... into an abandoned warehouse without her phone or a weapon on her? cmon
this is a YA novel so i wont complain too much on this, but some parts where a little immature and the modern pop culture references could have been toned down in my eyes.
in the case of Ivy and Jason i wish they just stayed best friends. i didn't like how it ended in a romance. i think it's important to show that a boy and a girl can be super close friends and nothing else. the relationship was sweeter and possibly more relatable with them as best friends.
lastly, the ending was SO abrupt. After they find Autumn there's pretty much only one chapter with Ivy in the hospital and then Autumn months later moving into college. we saw none of the aftermath from Autumns perspective. i wanted to see if she rekindled her friendships with people and how she really changed and developed after. also how the school would react to the whole situation. i wish there was more there on that aspect i guess.
all in all this is a super easy and entertaining read!