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An important read if you stick with it

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I found the beginning of The Last Confession of Autumn Casterly to be a bit cliche. Ivy and her friends seemed to fit perfectly into the box of gamer nerds, while Autumn was portrayed as a rebel, but an extremely hardened and over-the-top rebel. I had assumed from the description that Autumn's parents, teachers and goody two shoes sister just wouldn't approve of her behavior, but her bad reputation preceded her even among her classmates. I liked the focus on the sisters' relationship, or lack there of. Having a sister that I'm close with, I found this relationship intriguing. I wasn't expecting it to have such a thriller aspect in the second half of the book so that was a nice surprise. What I found most important though was the focus and take on rape culture. If approached correctly, this book would be advantageous to teach to high schoolers, in a PSA-type way.