All You Need to Know to Get Started!

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This book is awesome! it has everything you need to know about knitting! However it does not stop there. It is a dictionary that describes everything need to know to knit, buy yarn, what types to use, and what each fiber is good for. It goes into detail about everything on a knitting pattern from what the abbreviations stand for, and how to do what the terms used in the pattern represent. For example how to cast on stitches to the needles, which size needles to use, what type of yarn to use and how to finish a pattern when it is time to put the item together.

This book also shows how to knit cables, and other fancy patterns, how to block a sweater, how to care for the garment, how to pick up dropped stitches-in other words everything you need to know is in this book.

I gave this book 5 stars for being so complete and I think everyone should have a copy of this book tucked in their knitting bags!