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This was a fascinating book that I couldn't put down. Luke is a white man in his early twenties, and Stony is a black woman in her forties. They are both homeless individuals. Jaq is a young black woman in her twenties who despises injustice. When Luke is discovered burned to death in a vacant building and Stoney is nowhere to be found, she begins her investigation to figure out what happened and bring the person or persons responsible to justice. This is one of those books that I felt compelled to read in a single sitting. It reveals to the reader the darkness that lurks beneath the beautiful city. It's exceptionally well written, particularly for a thriller. This book's characters and atmosphere were appealing to me. It is an accurate depiction of Savannah. Savanah is a beautiful city with historic sites and stories that extend beyond its streets and cemeteries and into the swamps and barrier islands. This layered, complex thriller depicts Savannah's levels of corruption and how influence and power affect all levels of society, from former debutantes attending charity galas to residents of the city's numerous homeless camps.