Southern Gothic at It's Finest

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This one of those books with incredible atmosphere. From the very first lines, the author succeeds in transporting the reader to Savannah on a balmy Southern evening and introduces us to an instantly likeable cast of characters that anyone who has actually been to the South can easily recognize. What makes this book truly mesmerizing and sets it apart is Green's ability to use few words in just the right combination to not only paint a vibrant image, but to move his story along at a brisk and interesting pace that sweeps you along without your even realizing it. His descriptions and word choices, while not typical or expected, suddenly strike you with their situational perfection. The book he has created is one of those rare instances where it is an utter certainty that no other writer, regardless of ability, could fully do the story and its world justice, and we should be grateful it found its way into the proper and destined hands.