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This book was a great read, very well written. I liked that it was based on facts. It has the history of Savannah in the story as you read and that was such a great idea. It reveals the ugly, the things people do not talk about or tell people. The Savannah i thought of is charming. It brings out the back story, how the city was built with the blood of others and now these people turn a blind eye to what is facts. This book was interesting and i enjoyed reading it. What drew me in at first was the cover because its beautiful and i see now, i understand why there is a chair right on the water and the title The Kingdoms of Savannah fits right with the story. I am glad I had the chance to read this book and I recommend it to my friend who i am sure will enjoy as much as i did too. This was an interesting book and i learned a bit of Savannah that i did not know or heard of. It was a five star read for me.