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I don’t hate or love this novel, #TheKingdomsOfSavannah by #GeorgeDawesGreen. The book is well researched and documented; however, I find the book flat in the beginning and gladly it started to pick up in the middle to the end. The parts I like in the novel are the facts relevant to build the mystery, the plot of the actual book (the map of Savannah), the historical information of the story in conjunction to the fictional characters and why the mystery is important to the book. Moreover, the parts I didn’t like are the convoluted exchanges between the characters, the obvious and predictable plots/ending, the hard to understand dialogues, the manifestations of the characters and plots that were not relevant to the story and the too much information that are irrelevant to the story.
I am in the minority reviewing this novel since I saw many rave reviews from other readers. I love historical-mystery fiction, and I might try to read this again in few months to assess my own reading again. There’s one thing I know I truly love about this book is the opportunity to visit Savannah and check the beautiful places out!