intriguing Southern Literary Thriller

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THE KINGDOMS OF SAVANNAH is an intriguing Southern literary thriller. The book begins at a local bar, Bo Peep's, with 2 friends having a drink. At the end of the night, one of them is missing and the other dead. What follows is the path to figuring out exactly what happened and who was behind it.

Guzman (aka The Gooze) is a local landlord who has his own brand of fairness that has made him a lot of enemies and is currently being convicted of arson. He has hired Morgana Musgrove, an older PI to look into his case. Morgana takes it with the hefty retainer, and she pulls her children into the investigation. As things heat up, secrets come to light in dangerous ways.

The characters in the book are larger than life and did not always feel believable with a hint of the unnatural lurking throughout. I found it a bit challenging to get into at the start as I had trouble remembering all the characters. The mystery built into something intriguing enough and developed slowly with some thought-provoking themes about socioeconomic inequality and landlord/eviction consequences.

Overall, THE KINGDOMS OF SAVANNAH is an interesting Southern literary thriller that would work well for people who like involved plots and multiple characters. Please note that I received an ARC. All opinions are my own.