Hidden Kingdoms

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George Dawes Green makes his intentions clear from the beginning. He detests the "fabled" image of Savannah often portrayed in its ghost tours and other "historic" faces. This story focused instead on three different kingdoms, each of which plays an important part in the plot, which is admittedly a bit thin. There is the mysterious kingdom at the beginning of the book which has been discovered by the sometimes archaeologist and sometimes homeless Stony. After a violent opening episode, the reader is introduced to the second kingdom, that of the wealthy and powerful old families of Savannah. Much of the book uncovers pieces of the past many want forgotten, especially those related to the legacy of slavery. Green includes notes of these real historic events in the back of the book, along with references for further reading. Finally, there is the third kingdom, that of the homeless, a sad part of modern urban life. Green uses Ransom Musgrove as the link among all these kingdoms. This is an unhappy tale, of dysfunctional families in a place with a most dysfunctional history. The setting and description of the kingdoms is well done. The plot could have used a few more twists and turns and the denouement was a bit simplistic. Yet, this is still a worthy read.