A Little Confusing, A Lot of Murder

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I wasn't super intrigued by the cover, and I have never heard of this author before. However, I did see that Celadon Books is the publisher and I have definitely loved certain books from them before. I was also intrigued to know that the story was inspired by true historical events in Savannah.

Starting with the very first sentence, we are thrust into the heart of the novel - "A soft spring night in Savannah. In an hour Luke will be murdered, stabbed to death, and Stony will be snatched off the streets and hurled into darkness [...]" While I was absolutely invested in the prologue, I was a bit confused. I was even further confused after reading the first chapter, as we completely switch over to Ransom and his very... interesting... mother. A slumlord in the city is asking for Ransom specifically to help investigate into a situation that has left him in jail for murder.

I wasn't completely sold on this just by reading through the excerpt, but by that last page I was intrigued enough to want to continue the story.