Okay, but not as good as her other works

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This is a really interesting story that isn't told very well. Time moves very quickly and Lu does a very poor job of marking how the years go by, which is confusing and upsetting. Maybe it's more efficient for the story's stake, but it's also strange to go through a book thinking that Nannerl is like, eight, only to find out that somehow, somewhere, she turned 14 and Lu didn't bother to mark out the years for us. I don't know; even a simple year marker at the head of the chapters could have done that. But it wasn't included, and the story lacked massively for it (in my opinion)

The story in the Kingdom of Back (not the book, but the place itself), is delightful and curious and very well paced out, all things considered. But without the clear passage of time it's just really hard to keep track of it all. Not Lu's best work, I think. Not bad, but clearly rough and unpolished. For all the years she's been sitting on this (per the acknowledgements) I would have expected it to be better.