Lyrical and Lovely

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I was initially drawn to this book becuase of the combination of historical fiction and fantasy. After reading the intriguing summary I decided to dive right in as I could not wait to learn about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's sister that we were never taught about in music classes at school. I absolutely adore Marie Lu's descriptive writing style, (I enjoyed her Legend series very much), however the beginning half of this book was a little slow, hence my three star rating. Albeit being interesting, I still found myself losing the strength to read to the next page. As the book neared the end it picked up the pace and piqued my interest back up. I enjoyed how the book seemed to go full circle and ended almost exactly where it started. I also appreciated how Marie Lu really stayed true to Nannerl's story while weaving in mystical elements. Would I recommend this book, yes, as it is extremely important to learn more about the underrated, female identifying folx who helped shape history! P.S. the cover is absolutely gorgeous!