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It was good but not great

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Before this, I had only read one book by Lu-- a first in a series. The writing was beautiful but dystopian fiction had become so saturated, I never finished the series.

When BOTM YA had this as a pick, the cover grabbed me immediately. The synopsis made me add this immediately. I am happy I did. Beautifully written. The prose sent my imagination spinning. PIcturing both worlds the Back children found themselves in were written in a way that you could see it laid out before you. Such a wonderful tale the Lu has spun for us readers. Loved her Acknowledgements at the end as well. These helped understand her writing of this story more.

The three star rating is just because the plot fell a little short. It was not a long book, but it felt like it went on a bit long if that makes sense.

I do recommend reading this as I think many will enjoy