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I Don't Read Marie Lu, but I am READING THIS BOOK

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Marie Lu is an extremely popular writer. Anyone who knows young adult literature knows who she is. In my own personal reading, I haven't read very much of her work. I tried to read Legend way back when, but it didn't click with me. So, from that point on, I didn't read Marie Lu. That is until she wrote Warcross. Warcross is a phenominal book, and yet, still I didn't read the sequel when it came out, nor was I excited to. Then, I read the amazing novel Batman: Nightwalker. This book is one of my all-time favorites, and I don't care about Batman. But still, I thought, this will happen once. I probably won't ever read another of her books unless it's this world.

Even today when I clicked on this book to review, I thought, "Eh. I probably won't like it."

It's time for me to eat crow. This is the absolute best writing I've seen in ages. I was hooked from the prologue. This is the exact kind of vivid writing that will make this book an award winner. If you want to be a writer, this is the kind of book you read. She writes of music as if it's starlight. And she's right. Art is light. Creativity is light.

This metaphor has been used since the dawn of time, but Lu makes it feel fresh, which is all any of us young writers can do. Marie Lu, consider me a fan.

I absolutely CANNOT WAIT for this book!