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I was pleasantly surprised by this book! It wasn’t what I was expecting at all honestly.
There was a good amount of fantasy, and really well written I thought.

This is the first book of Marie Lu's that I have ever read and I loved her writing. It’s appropriate that she wrote about Mozart since her writing flows just like his music!
I thought the characters were interesting too. I *did* feel like it was predictable though. I half hoped I was wrong, but you can kinda see the twist coming. Marie Lu has some good clues to help you, the reader, figure out what’s about to happen, but I kinda wish it wasn’t so easy to see. I also wish there was a bit more historical context. I knew this story was historical fantasy, which I haven’t read much of at all, but I was missing the history. Not necessarily a knock on the book, but maybe more that I don’t love the genre.