Do Wishes Come True?

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I have read a few books on Mozart and the sister had been mention but nothing like this! Don't care how old you get you still or do you not still believe in fairytales? I do and I really enjoyed what I was given to read! This story it seems has everything,some history,fiction mystery. Research went into this story with some much imagination,you have to have to read and understand this story. You will find yourself wanting this girls wish to come true. Back in this time women were just good enough to be married and have children,obey their husbands and run a household. This girl,his sister wanted more out of her life! What woman doesnt? I really enjoyed what I was able to read and now I want to finish this story. I did like the cover that was chosen for this book. Let's read and go to that world where all wishes come true!🙈🙉🙊