Devastatingly Boring

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I'm a huge fan of this author so I'm sad that I'm really disappointed with this book. I struggled to get through it and found it extremely boring. The writing style is fantastic as usual, but the story was deeply lacking in creativity, plot and character development.

Nannerl Mozart, the older sister of Wolferl (Wolfgang), is also a musical prodigy. Unfortunately, being boring during patriarch times, she was only allowed to play music, never allowed to compose, and once she becomes of age, she needs to think about getting a husband and can no longer perform. Nannerl and Wolferl traveled all over to perform when they were children. It's a shame Nannerl's composing talent was oppressed because women were not allowed to during those times. In the book, all Nannerl wanted was never to be forgotten, so it is wonderful for Marie to write a book about her.

Nannerl and Wolferl have vivid imaginations and created Kingdom of Back to entertain themselves during the long travel. My take on their imagination came off as having overactive imagination while she's awake or lucid dreaming. Nannerl will often imagine/see a boy who wants to take his throne back while she's performing, out in town, etc. He said he would help her not be forgotten in return for favors from her and Wolferl. There was nothing whimsical about it and the story just dragged with little excitement.