Could have been worse.

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In order to rack up more points, I downloaded almost all of the "First Look" PDFs, allowing me to read them at my leisure, take notes, and then come back later and write up a bunch of reviews all at once, thereby making it easier on me and decreasing the amount of time I needed to sit at my computer. I'm not a YA person, although this time, the book was a YA book whose author I had at least heard of. Batman: Nightwalker wasn't terrible. (My elder kiddo was on the DC book kick for awhile, it was laying around, I picked it up because I couldn't find my book, these things happen - it's Batman). That being said, I wasn't sure what to expect with this one, considering the fantasy aspect and so forth. It wasn't terrible, but for someone who grew up on proper fantasy - C.S. Friedman, Tolkein, Sword of Truth, this just felt...young. And I'm not talking just the writing, though that felt young too - someone without a lot of experience wrote this style feeling - the whole book felt like it was meant for tiny younglings - 3-4th grade. I'm definitely the wrong audience for this one.