Cant hate anything she writes (3.5 rounded up)

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I really love historical fiction, and so my standards for a historical fiction book are pretty high. I was a little bit nervous going into this book because I really love this author's work, but it's her first historical fiction novel. But I actually enjoyed it.

One of my favorite parts was the music aspect. I thought it was interesting how it was involved in the story. Even though I'm not very interested in classical music, I still enjoyed this book. Another one of my favorite parts was the fantastical/magic element. I thought that part was really cool. :)

Sadly, I really didn't love either of the characters. I think that the main character's concept was cool, but I found her to be a bit boring. They weren't awful, and they don't hugely diminish how much I enjoyed the book, but the characters that I like and connect with in a book are important to me.

Despite this, the book was still pretty good. I found the writing to be descriptive and vivid.

Overall a decent read!!