Brilliantly blends history and fantasy

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Is historical fantasy a real genre? Because this book is like a Doctor Who episode with Mozart and the fae - and that is a compliment!

I loved the perfect balance between the real-life stories of Nannerl and Woferl, and their visits to the Kingdom of Back. Just the right amount of mystery, with that touch of is-this-real-or-are-they-just-dreaming? I was reading a completely different nonfiction book that mentioned Mozart, and his Kingdom of Back, while I had this on hold on Libby! I had no idea what the premise for the book was at that time, I was just following a recommendation, but then I had to have it.

Even if you're not a Mozart fan, the story unfolds so beautifully that it doesn't matter. Nannerl is smart and engaging, and the two siblings are fascinating both in the real world and as they navigate the mysterious Kingdom.