Beautiful cover and mystical story!

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That beautiful cover definently caught my attention and the synopsis sounded intriguing, but this one fell a bit short for me. I'm a huge fan of Marie Lu so I was shocked.

What I enjoyed about this book:

1. I thought this book had a very unique plot that really made me ponder how many famous works of art we celebrate today could have been written/created by a talented woman who wasn't allowed to put her name on it.

2. This book was obviously well researched and Lu's ability to weave magical realism into real history was had me awestruck.

3. The Kingdom of Back was a well developed fantasy world that I loved reading about.

4. I knew nothing about the sister of Wolfgang Mozart before this book and learning about Nannerl sent me down the Google rabbit hole. I love when a book inspires to me to learn something new.

This sad, but beautifully written novel was a nice detour from you typical YA fantasy read. While I struggled to connect with the characters, I can see how this book will be loved by many.