Another Winner

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While this isn't usually the genre of book I read from Marie Lu, it was enjoyable none the less. This book is a historical fiction book that follows the two Mozart siblings, Wolfgang and his older sister Nannerl. I liked how Nannerl just wanted to be great enough to be remembered, but her younger brother Wolfgang just seems to be naturally better than her, progressing and learning at a much faster pace and eventually outshone her. I also really liked the unique blend between historical fiction and bits of magic, it's not a common mix I read often, and Marie Lu wrote it wonderfully. This was a really quick read, and I also really like how we get to see Nannerl grow up. Our main character started as an eight-year-old and ended as a young girl, and I love the feeling of watching our characters grow. While no usually my first pick of genres, I really liked this book and I think you may too!