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This is a book about music, magic, history, family, and so much more. But above all it's a story about a girl who has a dream and is desperate to not let that dream be ignored.

The Kingdom of back tells the tale of Mozart's sister, Nannerl. The concept of this book is very original and unique, something I love to see in young adult literature. From the beginning, one of my favorite aspects of this book was Nannerl's relationship with her brother. It had its bumps but their bond was always there and Marie Lu did an excellent job of showing their love for one another amidst jealousy and other obstacles thrown in their way.

The magic aspect of this book especially was so well done and I loved entering Back alongside Nannerl. Another great thing about this book is how entertaining and easy it is to read. I flew through it as fast as I could.
Lastly, this is just a beautiful story in general that deserves to be told to many people. I absolutely loved it and I can't wait to see what else Marie Lu has in store!