A unique historical YA fantasy

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The Kingdom of Back is a unique historical young adult fantasy novel from powerhouse author Marie Lu. It is very different from Marie's previous works, but highly imaginative and enjoyable in its own right.

The Kingdom of Back follows Nannerl Mozart, sister to the famous composer. She is a talented musician in her own right but is held back by her father because of gender norms. She discovers a magical world called the Kingdom of Back and finds herself drawn to it, though she quickly realizes it is not as kind a world as she first believed.

This is a unique take on a true historical figure, and I loved the way Marie Lu incorporates magic and fantasy elements into a historical fiction novel. I loved the dark elements woven through Nannerl's story.

I enjoyed this novel and would definitely recommend it to teen readers. It'll be a big hit with fans of Pan's Labyrinth and The Hazel Wood!