A Magical Tale

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This lush story follows the life of Maria Anna Mozart, known as Nannerl. A child prodigy who yearns to be remembered, who wants bigger things than the life of a typical married woman. She wants to play, to compose. But it is the 18th century, and Nannerl is to stay quiet and to play only until she is of age. Composing is out of the question. Composing is for men like her brother, Woferl.

The Mozart family travels the years away, touring with their talented children for the courts of Europe. All the while, Nannerl's talent - and desire for better things - grows.

If you are looking for an action-packed high fantasy read, this is not the book for you. This is a beautiful, haunting tale of magic and music. There is a lot of sitting quietly and doing what is expected, but there is also dark magic and traveling and lush fantasy forests. It can be slow, but it paints a picture.

This fairytale-esque book is quiet but impactful. There is anger and sorrow and love. There is a haunting, historical atmosphere. There is the life of a girl too often forgotten.