Come Back

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The young adult world awaits this story. A story about fear of being forgotten, about the deals we would and do make to keep our story alive, and a tale as old as time twisted into something we now can only wait to read.

For the preview, I can see that people of the young adult and fantasy section will probably like this as it starts off well, a girl trying to get by in the world, neglected by her father who loves her brother more (and shows it), she tries to get his attention through music. I loved "The Winner's Curse" and Kestrel, the main character wants her father to accept her as well and plays the piano. The difference: Kestrel's father hates how her piano playing reminds him of his wife and Nannerl plays because her father wants her to marry well and be able to take part of her recognition (or all of it) if she is a gifted musician. Kestrel plays for herself while Nannerl plays for another. So it is obvious that she will be curious when she hears notes from another world and might wish to have the ability to play them herself.

I love the setup so far and am curious as to how she will develop as a character. I have to give the mother a shout out for how well she was written. Her wisdom was not new, but it was written as if she truly lived harshly and yet still had love in her heart.

The only thing I can think of that lowered the rating (but not really my enjoyment) would be that there really is nothing new with this preview. The blurb indicates otherwise however, as Nannerl would rather make a deal with the devil, or in this case a fae, than be lost in time. So while I did not see anything that popped out, I still see this as a gem for how nicely it was written and how it still leaves much to wonder and hope for.

I do not wish to spoil much, but the characters had their motives, their family, themselves, and the wishes and determination that got them to where they are and have them wanting to go to where they want to be. I am so happy I got to read a preview and even happier that this story is coming out soon.