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Classical Fairy Tale Hits the Right Notes

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I have been waiting for this book ever since Mozart in the Jungle gave me a sassy Nannerl desperate to see a woman succeed in classical music and earn her due. I love classical music and as a long time piano player, I've always thought that stories about the women players and composers could be an excellent source of literary fiction. The first impression gave me The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe vibes, with a magical land that is spun from the music that Nannerl plays - and possibly influenced by it. She seeks the recognition we know her brother is destined for, but the promise of immortality always brings trouble. I want to keep reading and to see what those tradeoffs are... and if Nannerl can make a name for herself apart from the men (both magical and human) that were introduced. Marie Lu is a wonderful fantasy writer capable of creating very descriptive new worlds, and this book promises a new adventure for everyone that already enjoys her work.