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A musical 'Chronicles of Narnia', possibly?

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While admittedly, I will gladly pick up absolutely anything that Marie Lu writes, this plot has me hooked! I generally don't search-out historical fiction, I always tend to enjoy it when I read it. Sprinkle in some fantasy, add in a little magic, and you have yourself the recipe for an amazing read.

The very first thing I noticed: MAPS! I don't think I've ever not liked a book that came with a map. Is that weird? Haha. I love being able to visually plot out where characters are or where they're talking about by flipping back to the map. This is especially helpful when talking about fantasy worlds, but is still great even with real places.

I love that the basis for story is rooted in truth... the main character being Mozart's actual sister (who was nicknamed Nannerl), the fact that she was also a musician (sometimes receiving the top billing), and that she had to give up her dream due to the fact that she was a woman, and musical performance wasn't an acceptable career for women at the time. I imagine this will get a lot of folks interested in learning about Mozart (and hopefully his sister also).

We first learn about 'The Kingdom of Back' (the title of the book) via a dream that Nannerl has, and it then becomes something of fascination for both children. Via a notebook, the two get a glimpse into this new beautiful world, which contains a mysterious boy.

I definitely get a "Chronicles of Narnia" feel from this first look, and there's absolutely no complaints there! The possibilities are endless. Can't wait to read this book all the way though!