A favorite historical fiction story told as an enchanting, mystical fairy tale!

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This first glimpse into the secret, enchanting world of Kingdom Back by Marie Lu was absolutely amazing! The story of Nannerl Mozart and her desire to be remembered forever as not only a gifted musician but as a talented composer immediately pulled me. The magical plot captured my full attention and the enchanting world of this fairytale left me in awe of the beautifully, descriptive writing style of this very talented author.

Nannerl Mozart is a very talented young woman living in 18 century Europe. She dreams of becoming a composer but knows that as a woman she is only allowed to perform until her father decides she’s at a marriageable age. With each year that goes by she watches her gifted younger brother, Wolfgang Mozart, become increasingly more talented and more popular. One night Nannerl makes a secret wish to be worthy of being remembered and not be forgotten. This secret wish leads to a fairy prince named Hyacinth, an enchanted forest filled with edelweiss, and the the chance to have her dreams come true. However, first Nannerl must play a game. The fairy prince tells Nannerl to be careful of what she wishes for and warns her that wishes often have the habit of surprising their makers. Will Nannerl play the game Hyacinth requires? Will her wish come true? What will her wishes cost her? Will this game affect her close relationship with her brother?

I really enjoyed this first glimpse into Marie Lu’s Kingdom Back. I particularly enjoyed how the author was able to take a historical fiction story and weave it into a beautiful fairytale with so many imaginative and magical moments. As I was reading this first glimpse I felt like I was being drawn into a classical fairytale from my childhood and the emotions, magic, music and enchanting adventure of this story were just outstanding. It is my honest opinion that this book will be enjoyed and treasured by readers of all ages. I look forward to reading the rest of this wonderful historical fairytale. I can’t wait to continue this magical journey.

I love this book’s cover! It’s absolutely beautiful and a perfect fit for this enchanting story!