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The Kinder Poison by Natalie Mae is a young adult fantasy novel. The books is about Zahru, who has the ability to talk to animals, which puts her in one of the lowest ranks of society. But Zahru wants to be above everyone else, see more of the world than her power allows. So she plans to sneak into the palace. Of course, this doesn't turn out well for her. She is chosen to be a sacrifice to the gods.

At first, you are hooked in by the colorful cover, and then you are whisked away into this magical world filled with politics, and magic. There is never a dull moment in Mae's book, and I noticed that I was always eager to read more. Mae has a wonderful way of describing things, I could sense the romance beginning between some characters, and feel the anxiety that Zahru experiences.

Overall, I was so impressed with this book, and hope that Mae creates a sequel where we can experience more of the loveable characters they have developed.