Such a good message, and I love the love triangle

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I loved this one so much! I loved a lot of things about it, but let’s start with the cover. Isn’t it gorgeous? I thought it was a little too purple when I saw it online, but it is a little softer in person, and so, so pretty.

Now, the actual content. Most importantly, I loved Zahru. What an awesome heroine! She is brave, and funny, and compassionate. She is extremely likable and definitely pulls the large cast of characters together. Once I realized how many characters were being juggled in The Kinder Poison, I was a little skeptical, since a large cast doesn’t typically work well for me. But Mae did a great job giving the characters depth, even if they were very minor.

I also liked the speed of the plot. I was never bored, but I also wasn’t overwhelmed with the amount of information being thrown at me. I guess the best word is steady. Engaging, but not breakneck speed. This was important, because it left plenty of time for fantasy/world development. The fantasy was pretty well fleshed-out in The Kinder Poison, and I’m sensing some more details coming in the sequel, which will be fun.

I also appreciated that Zahru was a normal girl. Not an outcast or an overpowered chosen one, but somewhere in the middle. That isn’t the easiest heroine type to pull off, but it definitely worked here. In fact, Zahru’s powers, or lack thereof, were what made The Kinder Poison so meaningful. The message of the book isn’t shoved down our throats, but it is clear: it’s not how others see you, but what you choose to do with what you have that determines your power. Zahru chose to be the best she could be. She wasn’t the most powerful or even the smartest or most resourceful, but she was kind, compassionate, and determined. She made the best decisions she could, and she ended up having a huge influence on the people around her, despite her lack of status.

Finally, the love interest(s). Yes, there is a love triangle. And although that isn’t normally my thing, I did really enjoy it in The Kinder Poison. Have you guys read the Shatter Me series? I have only read the first few, so I can’t speak definitively, but the romantic potential in The Kinder Poison reminded me a little of the romantic interests in Shatter Me. Warren and Kasta are psycho, but I kind of like them anyway. I really need to finish that series…anyway, I am very excited to see where Mae is going to take the romance in the next book. Especially with that epilogue!!