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Hooked from the Start!

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Oh, how I adored this preview! I've always found that there is a difficult and delicate balance to maintain when blending exposition with fantasy world building, and the author has done an amazing job with The Kinder Poison.

Zahru/Lia is such a believable character, graciously dealing with feeling 'stuck' in the role her natural magic has provided her by mischievously sneaking in to the biggest event in centuries at the palace. When her initial plan for the evening faulters, she finds herself in the middle of a bubbling family feud after failing to maintain a low profile and get out of the palace undiscovered.

In only a few chapters, the author has effectively set the scene for a dramatic and enthralling adventure--the likes of which Zahru/Lia had only dreamed of having. Readers will undoubtedly share my feelings of being hooked from the first page, begging for the ability to read faster so that we can find out what's next for our modest, whimsical, loveable main character.

If I may suggest, it might do well to remove the fact that Zahru/Lia becomes the eventual human sacrifice from the bio, as that may divulge a larger plot point in the story. I was hooked without knowing that fact, and reading about it in the bio might make the reader think her fate is inevitable and lead to some disinterest. Unless, of course, a bigger twist awaits...

Thank you for the chance to read this preview!