Holy world building

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This was such a fun -if not slightly typical- fantasy read. The world was really well done as was the entire system of magic it was built upon. It was such an easy read because it flowed so well and the writing style was really immersive which helped to entice me to read more. As for the plot line, I found it to be well put together and fast paced. I just could not put it down! All of the characters had such complexities that is hard to find in y/a but was really delightful to read. All of the characters were questionable in their morality which is such a fun element in any novel. I absolutely adore the morally grey. I felt this was a well put together book that has me aching for the sequel. And can we talk about how elegant and dangerously gorgeous this cover is? Purple and gold for the win. Overall this was a delightful read with so many characters to connect with and a world that just enraptured me. If you like fantasy please read this.