Unique and Amazing

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Gosh, I’m not sure how to begin. This book really caught my attention. But after a few chapters, I was sort of lost. No pun intended in regards to title lol. It was the aliens’ perspective that threw me. Don’t get me wrong, others will love reading that part. But I had trouble with the ‘skip’ and their view of religious stuff. It’s not preachy, so don’t worry those who don’t like that. And I like religious things thrown in. It was like it was a burden for some of the aliens to worship. Almost forced upon them to do so so many times a day. But I don’t think that’s what got me. I guess the alien side of the story seemed sterile. I can’t describe it. But the whole unknown for both sides was so intriguing. That’s why I gave this four stars. The human side was so exciting and scary as crap. Imagine finding something seven miles below the ocean. But the dangers that lie within aren’t just from the dangers of being that far down. What if something horrible is unleashed? Maybe it would be best to leave it be? I was dying to find out from the human’s side that didn’t know anything about the aliens. I loved how the author told this. I’m thankful he gave us both sides and how they were feeling and their perspective on discovering each other. It was interesting that the aliens were also apprehensive on discovering us. They were a little scared. This would make a great Halloween read!