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Librarian vs. Reader: Lost Arrow

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Librarian: This book feels very much like one that would be on the shelves of many library science fiction collections. It has the right ingredients, plucky heroine, something hidden in the deep, aliens (who may not be aliens at all), and even the religious themes and tones that populate so much of science fiction. So yeah, the feel is right. And if you have the budget to include less well-known authors in your collection, then this is one to consider. Unfortunately, most of us do not. And the truth is in order to get the numbers on a less well-known author, it needs to be truly spectacular. This isn't. But it is fun, so as I said, if you have the budget, it's worth the look.
Reader: I have read many, many science fiction novels over the years. In fact two of my bookshelves are exclusively SF/Fantasy. (For the record I have 12 bookshelves at the moment. And I probably need more, but I only have so much room.) This book is a fun example of that genre. It's nothing groundbreaking, nothing I haven't read before, but sometimes that's exactly what you want in sci-fi. Sometimes all you want is the expected. This delivers nicely.