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It was interesting.

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The first chapters of this book were incredible to me. It started off with the discovery of an unknown ship way down below in the ocean. To me, it was The Abyss meets Avatar meets Independence Day all in one. The plot developed and shifted focus and really had a lot going on, but not in a bad way. At one point, God becomes a huge focus and I really questioned what I was reading but it all came together and made sense. The characters were interesting but some didn't seem like they had a lot of depth. Sarah and Trin didn't have as much background as some of the other secondary characters. In one sense, it almost seemed like the writing lacked something that I can't quite put my finger on. I enjoyed it and there were great elements, but looking back on it makes me feel like something is missing. The ending was also not my favorite because I was expecting more, but it does make sense. All in all, I did enjoy it and it was an interesting plot.