I liked the IDEA of the story

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I received an eBook of The Kalelah trilogy from BookishFirst for review purposes. Whether positive or negative, my review is my own and may differ from others opinions.

I really think the idea behind this work is great: What if we discovered an alien spaceship that explains human origin story? What if God sent his people on a mission to spread his word and populate the Galaxy? What if Earth was a failed or sabotaged mission and we were left without his guidance for 120,000 years and that now needs corrected?

Since each book is approximately 100 pages long and released on the same day, I feel like the trilogy should have just been one book and not separated. Even so it doesn't have a satisfying ending to me.

The story is set in a not too far off future in the middle of the ocean near Hawaii and miles under the sea on a ship called Kalelah. Told from both the aliens and humanity summarizing how they got to the point being on Earth and first contact.

I don't feel like the story was completely resolved. Also, the titles of book two and three plus the covers make no since.