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Great premise

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I'd actually bump this to a 3.5 stars if given the option, the basic idea, a seed population gets dropped off on a habitable planet, coaxed along invisibly by "aliens" - actually advanced us, every 5-6 thousand years or so through "skips" while they sleep in between those skips - but something goes horribly wrong on the Kalelah, and they sleep through all their skips and don't wake up until Earth has been happily evolving along for 120,000 years. Horror of horrors, they wake up to modern day us, and we're just mucking it up all over the place. So of course, they don't think of us as human, we're just a "population" out of control, and to us, they're "alien". Their babies have really jacked it up. Half of the Kalelah think we shouldn't be corrected, they other half think we should. What's corrected? you ask. Burning the whole Earth to a crispy tater tot while the crew of the Kalelah then self corrects into a meteor. They're taking the whole God cult thing real serious, and they failed at their job miserably. So that's the book's premise, there's a little bit of love story, some character building, and some really awful military stereotyping, I'm thinking the author has little to no experience with the military except what they've seen in really awful B Hollywood movies but we didn't all just run around ripping our sunglasses off screaming expletives at each other. Other than that, it was a good book, I'm glad they released all 3 at once, this would have been way too short one book at a time, entertaining for a couple days worth of reading!