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Captivating premise... Aliens under the sea!

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I picked this as a first book as the description was captivating.

I like to read sci-fi/fantasy that has a new plot device, something unique to make it memorable, and an alien race under the sea is definitely that for me.

This was well written with good grammar and spelling, which gave this an extra star, as I enjoy the fluency.

After reading the First Look Excerpt, I found myself a bit lost. For me the opening pages of this didn't start with a bang or get going, It was just all rather "Meh", if you know what I mean, however the last few lines have made me want to read on. Let me explain...

It was a description of a young woman adrift in life, who life was happening to, with a lack of direction and conscious choice. While she seemed nice enough, there wasn't anything about her that drew me in or that I could really engage with. Then right at the end it changed. The scan showed unusual readings and that's where you just know... there are the aliens.

It was just about to get interesting, so I will get this book and read on as I do want to know what happens next. How is "first contact" made and how does this woman get involved with the aliens? Let's find out...