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I fully expected this book to get it so much that it would be soooooo far out there that it would not be believable in the least. So, I was pleasantly surprised to not only like the book, but love the characters, and love the premise: that God has sent His armies in the form of beautiful spaceships to planets throughout the heavens to 'seed' human beings, in the hope of finding a new world for Him to exist within them. When the ship is located by accident buried in the deepest part of the ocean, and summarily nuked, three emissaries sneak off of the ship to explain the dilemma they all now face due to the attack: the complete destruction of every living thing on the planet. Expecting 'aliens', Sarah and her shipmates are shocked to find humans rising from the depths and completely incredulous of their tale. This ship, and many others like it, have been sent by God throughout the universe to seed and guide human life in the ways of His word. Sarah becomes part of a plan to convince the residents on the ship that they truly are human beings, just as they are. But the complications are overwhelming: the captain and third emissary are killed on earth; Sarah must convince others that she is a human and that those on the planet are worthy of saving; and the woman who takes over the ship after the three depart has created the very conditions that have led them to where they are.....the edge of the end of all life on earth. I loved it!