#BookReview of Lost Arrow: 3-Book Edition (The Kalelah Series 4) by Marshall Ross

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My Review: This book really caught my attention. It was kind of slow going at parts but others were well paces. I think as a whole this three book set was out of this world and I could not put it down. An alien ship at the bottom of the deep ocean and what it is doing there...that is the mystery. I have to say that this was a very new take on the whole alien idea and one that really hit it out of the park. I again could not stop reading this one and I ended up staying up way too late to finish it!

It does take off from there. My only issue is that I didn’t feel that I received sufficient/clear background material on the “alien” viewpoint. But overall, this is a book that you become invested in until the end.

Do I Recommend this book? Yes!