Solid second book in series

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The Janes is a solid entry in what appears to be a promising series from Louisa Luna featuring Alice Vega. It is the second book in the series.

The best thing about The Janes is that when the story seems to be reaching its natural conclusion mid-way through the book, Louisa Luna manages to turn up the heat and continue the story without it feeling contrived or drawn out. Every time I thought I knew the ending, I was surprised again.

The second best thing about The Janes is the budding relationship between Alice Vega and Cap, a former cop turned PI that she has worked with on two cases. I am looking forward to more books exploring their relationship as they solve missing persons cases.

While I was not as sucked into this book as I was with Two Girls Down (the first Alice Vega book), I did thoroughly enjoy it. The difference was the first book I read cover to cover and this story I read over the course of a couple of days. A little less compelling, but a great read nonetheless.