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Not as good as her first book, in my opinion

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This is the second Alice Vega novel and I was really looking forward to it because I absolutely loved Two Girls Down. I didn't have the same feeling about The Janes, and I am disappointed. I just couldn't get into this one, possibly because it seemed so complicated, and far-fetched. I love that Alice is very intuitive and can sense what is happening, but some of the storyline/plot development just didn't ring true for me.
This is the story of 2 girls "The Janes" who are found dead with some distinctive marking. Alice and Cap are brought in as consultants by the San Diego Police Dept and the DEA to try and solve the murders. Alice and Cap discover a bit of troublesome dealings within these organizations, and are also blindsided by what is happening to girls who are smuggled into the US and sex trafficked.
While the issues are real, I just didn't believe the storyline.
I hope the next Alice Vega story holds my interest more.

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