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Alice Vega is brilliant.

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The Janes is a part of the "Alice Vega" series written by Louisa Luna.
This was my first read by Louisa Luna, so I wasn't entirely sure what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised though!

Alice Vega is a private investigator known for finding the missing. This series focuses on her and her cases. She and her partner Cap are determined and focused at all times. The Janes focuses on a possible human trafficking ring in San Diego. The bodies of two young women are found with no IDs, no names and no one looking for them. That brings on the suspicion of a human - trafficking ring... and here comes Alice and Cap to solve the case. The FBI needs their helps to solve the case of the "Janes."

I loved the storyline. Something about human-trafficking rings intrigues me, and this book did a brilliant job with suspense, mystery and keeping you reading.