What a unique reading experience!

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Overall, I really enjoyed reading The Infinite Noise by Lauren Shippen. When I read the summary, I was expecting a romance focused fantasy. What I was pleased to find, instead, was a book that almost gave the feeling of reading a contemporary young adult novel, which happened to feature a character with a superpower.

While this book features botha romance, and some very well done LGBTQ representation, it is much more about mental health. The romance works so well because the characters grow close to each other while at the same time struggling through mental health issues separately. As their friendship, and later, romance, develop, you see more and more how much the characters have in common and how much they can gain from this relationship. It was so interesting to see a character learning to cope with their powers being compared to a more contemporary struggle with mental health that many readers will have experience with.

With a cast of characters who are, overall, well developed and engaging, Shippen's take on the struggles of being a teen with super powers was entirely successful.