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The Infinite Noise by Lauren Shippen is a culmination of so many feelings into one book. Lauren Shippen started this journey as a podcast, but with the success of that, Shippen decided to write the story into books. After reading Infinite Noise I can tell how much of an artistic mind Shippen is and I'm in awe of her voice within the story. Without getting into the substance of the plot, I love how the book is structured as the reader follows two high school boys on opposite spectrums of popularity trying to figure out how to survive. One, Caleb, is an Atypical, who is an empath, feeling the feelings of everyone around him. The other gentleman is Adam, a depressed smart whiz. Their two lives intertwine and form a bond as they both fall in love with the other. The ease and subtlety Shippen gives to the story overjoys my heart as I read and with other books lined up to come out, I don't want to leave this world full of Atypicals.