My 13 year old son loved it!

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I received an ARC of this book a few weeks ago and it wasn't in my hands for more than 5 minutes. My 13 year old son immediately took possession. Last week I asked him if he finished it and if I could have it to read. He told me that he was reading it for the second time!!

Yesterday he brought it back to me and this morning I asked him how many stars I should give it and he said FIVE! I asked what he liked about it and what made it special. He told me that it was unique and he had never read a book like it. He liked that Caleb is a football player (like my son) who had special powers that allowed him to see feelings. He also liked that Caleb saw a therapist because usually "tough" boys don't go to therapists. My son is a football player, has strong emotions, and has seen a therapist regularly. The level in which he could relate to this book is amazing.

Now I need to quickly read this book and give it back to him!