Bruce Willis the Hulk

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This book appears to be written from the perspective of two high school boys. One of the boys is a jock who doesn't mind getting into fights if he has to and the other as cast out. The jock, Caleb, has been having episodes were he finds himself out of control of his emotions because he senses and internalizes the emotions of others in distress. This feeling of distress causes him to go into a blind rage and defend the offended person. Immediately afterwards, Caleb, is sorry and apologetic. Adam, the outcast, is a self-proclaimed 'emo'. This means he is more depressive or to use the words of Adam, 'macabre'. Adam appears to have a crush on Caleb but not sure if Caleb has picked up on that as of yet. I foresee Caleb coming to the defense of Adam on many emotional situations. One can only go into a blind rage so many times in a school setting before facing much more sever consequences.