Sweeping Narratives & Heart-Wrenching Endings

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It's rare when a book introduces a strong roster of characters and delivers a satisfying conclusion to every arc. Spanning across generations, cities, and continents, The Immortalists gives us keen insight into a brood of siblings who stand out from the crowd. The Golds never fit in. Quiet Simon, bold Klara, determined Daniel, and daunting Varya. As each leaves the nest and finds their way in the world, they are faced with lives that are (finally) truly their own. Whether it's as a magician in Las Vegas or a doctor navigating a post-9/11 New York, the Golds bring a touch of chaos, and magic, wherever they go. While it's rooted in fantasy, this novel captures what it means to live, love, and ultimately die in pursuit of a life that is fulfilling. Benjamin's careful writing and broad painting on a magical, yet very real, world allow you to escape into a space that it just beyond your front door.