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Rare 5 Stars

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I can't underestimate how rare it is for me to give a book 5 stars. I volley easily between granting 3 and 4 stars to a book - even to great books. So the 5 star stamp is a rarity - BUT. THIS. BOOK. is easily a 5 star read. I started out with intrigue but slight skepticism for the story. The prologue sets the story without giving anything away or causing you to draw any direct assumptions about the pages to follow. And then the story really begins...

The story is complex and yet such simple endearing language. I loved that Benjamin sets up separate storylines for each sibling while still intertwining small details of the other siblings into each section. She expertly shares just what you need to know about each character while still holding back those cliffhangers that drive each section home. Twists and turns for my heart start to finish.